Interview With Charlotte Bobcats Assistant Coach Gary Kloppenburg

By Ryan McNeill

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Charlotte Bobcats assistant coach Gary Kloppenbury for 5 Star Hoops. I was able to chat with Gary about what it’s been like to work for a coach who has him since he was a child, who some of his mentors are, the challenges and rewards that come along with building the Seattle Storm and Charlotte Bobcats from scratch, what it was like working for the Toronto Raptors as an advance scout for two seasons, he talked about the reasons why Earl Boykins (a player he coached at Rockford) was able to reach and sustain the NBA when so many other players fall just short and he finished off this interview by talking about some of his favourite memories from coaching at international basketball camps.

You can listen to a free five minute clip of this interview by clicking here or the entire interview by clicking here and subscribing to 5 Star Hoops Pro Insider Access.


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