NBA Street Series Vol. 4 DVD: Promotional Clips

By Ryan McNeill

This week I was sent an email from Warner Bros about the new basketball DVD they are releasing called “NBA Street Series Vol. 4 DVD.” According to this email the new DVD features the 2003 NBA Draft class and they provided me a couple of amazing video clips from this DVD. While I’m hesitant to hype DVD’s or other promotional material on this blog I couldn’t pass up the chance to provide readers with a chance to watch a ton of free clips that will keep you entertained for awhile today.

Click on the links to view the following video clips:

* A clip showcasing the 2003 Draft class of ‘Melo, LeBron, Bosh, Wade, Hinrich and TJ Ford.

* Dwyane Wade bringing the Miami Heat a Championship last spring.

* Another feature on Dwayne Wade which includes highlights from his career and an exclusive interview.

* A feature on LeBron James winning Rookie of the Year and the reaction media personalities and players had on his rookie season.

* A feature on Carmelo Anthony and what his draft night was like. This clip features an interview with ‘Melo and his mom and draft night and a look into the first game that Melo and LeBron played against each other in the NBA.


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