Dwight Howard’s “Sticker Dunk”

By Ryan McNeill

I’ve tried to sleep off my frustration but I still can’t get over the fact that Dwight Howard was robbed last night in the Dunk Contest. Dwight Howard threw down one of the nastiest crams I’ve ever seen in the Dunk Contest and he couldn’t advance to the second round – what is up with this?

Last year I was pulling for Nate Robinson because he’s vertically challenged, but there’s no way his “Statue of Liberty” dunk with David Lee compared to Howard’s “Sticker dunk.”

Check out the clips below and let me know what you think.


9 thoughts on “Dwight Howard’s “Sticker Dunk”

  1. Highway robbery! But then again, the whole thing was a sham because James White wasn’t even invited. He’s the best dunker in the biz right now and would of shut the whole damn thing down! See my post about him if you don’t believe me. Anyone else do a free-throw line with a between the legs?

  2. What’s the deal with White? Last I heard he was with the Spurs but spending time in the D League. Can a player in the D League take part in the NBA dunk contest?

  3. A fan wrote in on my site and corrected me when I said that he was in the D-League currently, and said White was with the Spurs as of now. He also said that White was playing in the D-League All-Star Game though…. I am a little perplexed but wish the rookie would have been in last night’s event. I thought the whole thing (minus Howards sticker dunk) was lack luster to be honest with you.

  4. Nick makes a great point about James White. Maybe next year. No matter who he’s suiting up for, he hasn’t played a single NBA minute yet, so I can understand the NBA shying away from him (although Damon Jones didn’t play a single minute in a game recently, himself, but got into the 3-point contest).

    Nate’s statue-of-liberty dunk was one of the more unimpressive ones of the night. Really.

    The sticker was hands down the most memorable dunk of the night. We’ll all remember that in five years.

  5. The sticker dunk was the highlight of my night. It was creative and showed off his vertical, but it didn’t showcase his finesse and pure talent like the legendary dunks of the past — Jordan and Wilkin slam dunk faceoff in ’88 or Carter hanging on the rim from his elbow. The re-do rule is terrible and makes the event less exciting. I was getting tired of watching Nate miss for two straight minutes.

  6. I totally agree that the sticker dunk was impressive and creative, I was complaining the whole night that Dwight got robbed. Jordan and Dr. J where the hardest judges I have ever seen.

  7. What are you gonna do though? We’ll remember what we want, it doesn’t matter what the judges give the best dunk. But I actually liked Nate’s dunk too, maybe cuz I’m a Knicks fan, but Statue of Liberty, I know it’s not the same as winning a bowl game, but still cool. And he got it on his first try. That was big.

  8. Put me on the list for “Dwight Got Robbed.” I loved his sticker dunk – the most original in recent memory. His smiling face on the sticker was priceless. Anyone catch what Dwight wrote on it?

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