Hey! Whatever Happened To Glen Rice?

By Brian Taylor

“Nineteen Eighty-Niiiiine”

That was the battle cry that year from hip-hop legends Flava Flav and Chuck D. “Fight the Power”, “Do The Right Thing” and Mars Blackmon were in full effect. That year was one of college basketball’s best, with Dikembe and Zo’ being diaper dandies at G-Town, the Rick Fox/J.R. Reid Tar Heels in full effect and Satan Jr. (Danny Ferry) was raining threes at Duke.

In a bit of a surprise that year, the Michigan Wolverines came out on top when the tourney’s smoke cleared, and the two guys left standing were the diminutive, yet speedy Rumeal Robinson and three-point sniper Glen Rice. Rumeal’s stay in the NBA was a short one, but it was Rice who made waves at the next level.

Coming out in the ’89 draft which included Shawn Kemp, Tim Hardaway, and even Pervis Ellison, Rice didn’t really get too much buzz because everyone wanted to win the ”Pervis/Stacey King Sweepstakes” (worst prizes ever) and went fourth to the second-year Miami Heat. In South Beach, Glen teamed up with Big East ballers Rony “the Playboy” Seikaly and D.C.’s own, Sherman Douglas.

Miami, still in its NBA infancy, struggled for a few years until they finally made the playoffs, thanks to Glen’s 21ppg average and three-point bombing (they bowed out to part one of Mike’s dynasty, 3-2). After a few more years of All-Star play (Rice lit up Shaq and the Magic for 56), with playoff mediocrity, Glen was sent to Charlotte for an up and coming Alonzo Mourning. It was down at the Hive that Rice’s stats would become kinda phat, reminiscent of a whale.

In Glen’s three years as a Hornet, he made the All-Star squad, with the 1997 Cleveland game getting him MVP status. Rice’s play in the East earned him enough recognition as a “must have assassin” for him the Lakers to trade for him (the Dell Harris/Kobe Shaq days). In that 2000 NBA Finals that most people don’t remember, Glen got his only championship ring.

After his time with the Lakers, as expected, he did the NBA pre-retirement tour, with shows in New York, Houston and the Clip joint, before layin ‘em down for good in 2004 (his knee problems and weight caught up to him).

In today’s league, you’d compare him to a Morris Peterson, except with Gilbert Arenas’ conscience (or lack thereof).

If you want to see one of the All-Star Game’s past MVP’s in action, (or if you’re nostalgic for the Charlotte Hornets) you know what to do….HIT DA LINKS!



10 thoughts on “Hey! Whatever Happened To Glen Rice?

  1. You just made my day, Brian. That 96-97 season with Rice averaging 26.8 is still my favorite season following the Hornets, even if they did choke in the Playoffs. 54 wins and G$ putting up 40 point games every second night after the new year. I can still recite commentary from some of his game winners, teal freak that I am. And that All-Star game was nuts. Mike had the first triple-double in ASG history but I was so damn glad they gave the MVP to Rice. Ahh, the memories.

  2. Go Blue baby…Go Blue!

    His play during the 89 tournament is still one of the best performances ever…Donald Williams paid us back in 93 though..damn Chris! We didn’t have any left dude.

    Rice was sick in 96-97. What did he have 24 in a quarter during the all star game?

    Nice piece Brian.

  3. Glen visited “The Zone” for all of March Madness(Still holding the record for most points in the tournament) in 1989 as he hovered at 50% from 3 point range.

    There’s nothing prettier than seeing a jump shooter rain in bomb after bomb(Glen mixed in a dunk here and there) and Glen was doing that. In the UNC game, he and Jeff Lebo went toe to toe for the first 10 minutes of the game and when Lebo cooled off, Glen kept going(maybe fueled by a little jaw to jaw exchange with future teammate J.R. “don’t call me Herman” Reid?).

    Something under-rated about Glen during that championship year with the Lakers was how well he played the 2 man game with Shaq when Kobe was out at the start of the year. Once Kobe came back, he stopped seeing the ball as much and was pretty much left the “John Paxon” role in the triangle but still had some quality moments as they got the title.

    A bad elbow, so-so relationship with Phil Jackson, fairly sizable contract, and maybe a bit too vocal of a wife sent him to NY which was the beginning of the end of his career.

    He’s still one of the best pure shooters the game has ever seen and a U of M and NCAA legend!(Tommy Amaker could sure use him now).

  4. Don’t forget some of the other players on that ’89 team included: Loy Vaught, Terry Mills(both with solid NBA careers), Sean Higgins, Demitrius Calip(both had short NBA careers) and red-shirts Eric Riley(who also won a ring in Houston) and Rob Pelinka(now Kobe Bryant’s agent).

  5. Glenn Rice was the man for real. I wish he still played for the Lakers because he was just the all-around clutch player. He could go for the rim, hit the three, hit the jumper, pick-and-roll, and hit damn near all the free throws.

  6. glen rice , Ive been a miami heat fan since back in the day .
    Glen ” G money” Rice has it all. After he scored those points vs Shaq and penny to win over Magic and then got traded to Charlotte , It clearly showed the potencial level that he was on at that time , he got the MVP , 3point shoot outs, etc.. I wish he’d come back to Miami for that championship year, hell he’d would have been knockin threes at his backyard rather than a tired Gary Payton.
    I hears that he had issues , a divorce w/ his wife .
    “G”money is loved in Miami like Bird is in Boston.

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