HoopsAddict.com in Dime Magazine

By Ryan McNeill

I gotta’ admit that I was jumping around my apartment and screaming like a teenage girl at Justin Timberlake concert when I found out that Dime Magazine had given HoopsAddict.com a shout out in their recent release.

In their Dime Blog Pick section they wrote about this blog:

Similar to the popular TrueHoop blog, Hoops Addict provides in-depth NBA coverage. And like TrueHoop, instead of just linking to news stories from around the basketball world, Hoops Addict offers it’s own opinions on each story. Helpful links on the main page make it so you can easily read posts just related to your favourite team without having to wade through content that might not interest you. There’s also the “Dunk of the Day” video link, a “Hey, Whatever Happened To…” section, and DVD and book reviews.

Just over a year ago I started up this blog and it has somehow transformed into one of Lowpost’s top ranked blogs and a place where thousands of hoop fans come each day for their daily hoops fix. Somehow my thoughts (or rambles if you want the honest truth) have become something that have captured the attention of thousands of basketball fans on a daily basis. Thank you for feeding my ego!

Besides the numbers, one of the most rewarding things about this blog has been the fellow basketball fans I have come across during the past year and a bit.

A big reason why this blog has become successful is because of all the writers who have included articles. I want to take some time to thank Jeff Wong, Brian Taylor, David Wilson, Raul Jimenez, Austin Kent, Michael Rautins, Michael Tillery, Luke Middleton, Gagan Gandhi, James Salg and Tim Minear for taking the time to write columns for HoopsAddict.com.

I would be remiss to not take some time to thank all of my fellow basketball bloggers who had helped get the word out about this site and all of the fun things that have been posted on this blog. Henry from True Hoop was amazing in getting me a spot in ESPN’s Toronto Raptors preview last fall, Jeff Clark from Celtics Blog included me in his Bloggers Season Preview and countless other sites have have done a great job of hyping up posts I’ve made (Nick at Nugg Doctor, Natalie at Need 4 Sheed and The Hype instantly come to mind).

This fall I had a ton of help getting out the word about the Hoops Addict Magazine and I want to thanks Slam, The Basketball Jones, True Hoop, Blazers Edge, Need 4 Sheed, Nugg Doctor and the countless others that have helped to hype up this project on their sites (now I know how actors and musicians feel on award nights when they forget the name of someone important).

I also want to thank all the moderators over at the Raptors Message board at Real GM for allowing me to post links to all of the latest Raptors Recap Podcasts. If it wasn’t for their help I wouldn’t be getting nearly as many listeners to these podcasts. Thanks!

I want to close by thanking all of the basketball fans that come to this site on a daily basis. Seeing the number of page views increase over the past year has been a huge thrill and I feel encouraged that so many people are now coming here on a daily basis. If you are one of the many fans who visit this site but haven’t yet dropped a comment I want to encourage you to join the HoopsAddict.com community and let your voice be heard.


6 thoughts on “HoopsAddict.com in Dime Magazine

  1. Congrats Ryan! HoopsAddict is clearly deserving of the pub, especially the serious hard work you’ve put into it! Here’s to continued success and I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner!

    (smallvoiceHeh, appreciate the love Ryan, but my link *may* need a little tweak..smallvoice

  2. Ryan, glad to have done whatever to help you. Keep doing ya thang! Looking forward to more hoopsaddict stuff. Thanks for the opportunity bruh.

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