Podcast With Ohio State Assistant Coach Pete Gaudet

By Ryan McNeill

A couple weeks back I had the pleasure of chatting witih Ohio State Buckeyes assistant coach Pete Gaudet on behalf of 5 Star Hoops. Pete has travelled to nearly 25 different countries to run basketball clinics, he won two National Championships during his time at Duke, was the intern head coach at Duke during Coach K’s leave of absence and he currently works at Pete Newell’s Big Man Camp as a lead instructor.

Here’s a list of the questions I asked Pete during our chat:

* You have travelled the globe doing clinics. Can you please tell us about some of your memorable experiences teaching basketball around the world.

* What did you find to be the most challenging aspect of coaching basketball outside of the States?

* Why did you decide to return to the NCAA?

* You have been to the Final Four and won a title with Duke. What experiences as a coach do you bring to Jim Foster and your talented Ohio State Lady Buckeyes?

* What are some of the similarities and differences coaching men and women?

* What aspects of the womens game do you enjoy the most?

* Where does your enjoyment lie in the game, more with X’s and O’s strategies, coaching post skills to the kids, or maybe some other area?

* You coach annually at Pete Newell’s Big Man Camp which is a camp for professional and collegiate athletes. Can you tell listeners how you got involved with this camp and what role you have?

* What types of things would you recommend that a young coach interested in getting into coaching know about the profession?

* Who has been some of the most memorable and enjoyable player you have worked with over the years.

* You spent 12 years at Duke assisting Coach K and winning two National Championships. What are some of your fondest memories of those times?

* Can you give us some of the most important lessons from a Basketball standpoint you learned as part of the coaching staff at Duke?

* You have recently published your own book called Practical Post Play – can you tell listeners what motived you to write a book?

* What about this book makes it a must read for young post players?

You can check out the Podcast of this interview by heading to 5 Star Hoops.


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