O.J. Mayo, Five Reserves Ejected from High School Game by Rabid Ref

By David “D-Wil” Wilson

In an apparent “I hate O.J. Mayo and other famous young athletes” high school referee spree, some nameless ref (Mike Lazo, actually) went after Mayo for what I don’t know.

Was it because he flexed after a dunk?

According to the Huntington (W.Va.) Herald-Dispatch, it was the infamous “taunting” rule, as in you must dunk politely, stop, shake the hand of the fool you just posterized and thank him for valiantly attempting to defend you with his Yellow Pages vertical while you just skied 40 or so inches above the floor and had your ummmm, privates, hanging out somewhere near his mouth that was agape in awe at your otherworldly ability or else you’ll get teed up:

Mayo received the first technical foul for taunting Capital player Tyrone Goard after a breakaway dunk that gave Huntington a 61-43 lead with 5:15 left in the game. Mayo did not react to the call and walked to the opposite end of the court but was followed by Capital players. A verbal confrontation escalated between Mayo and Capital players before Lazo assessed the second technical foul to Mayo but none to a Capital player.

Allegedly Mayo approached Lazo and bumped him. There was a video of the incident over at True Hoop but it no longer functions. I checked around the internets but while the tubes were full of Mayo videos, the incident with Lazo was apparently removed from view.

However, from other reports, Mayo never touched Lazo. The fearful ref must have tripped over his own feet in an attempt to extricate himself from close proximity to a young, 6’5″ black man.

In a new development, the parents of the five Huntington High reserves ejected from the game along with Mayo have filed a complaint about the incident:

The parents of five Huntington High reserve basketball players who were ejected from Friday night’s game against Capital for leaving the bench amid a flurry of technical fouls filed a complaint Monday in Cabell Circuit Court.

Meanwhile, senior guard O.J. Mayo met with his attorney Monday to weigh his legal options. No decisions were made, though the star player could file a complaint as early as Tuesday morning, said Mike Woelfel, Mayo’s attorney and assistant coach for the Highlanders.

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3 thoughts on “O.J. Mayo, Five Reserves Ejected from High School Game by Rabid Ref

  1. What a bum and a coward! To think basketball and most team sports help intorduce rules and ethics into moldable kids minds and this Ref pulls a stunt like that. Simply incomprehendable and an absolute embarrasment!! Mike Lazo, give your head a shake, and give yourself two technicals for being stupid!!

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