Dejaun Quest Overcomes Adversity

By Ryan McNeill

The Toronto Star recently printed a great article on high school basketball player Dejuan Quest called “Nothing Stops Dejaun” that every hoops fans should check out. The article deals with a local high school player who competes in games while wearing a long sleeve shirt to hide the fact that he was born with a right hand without fingers.

Despite his physical limitations Quest scored a season high 17 points last week.

Quest told the Toronto Star that:

I just want to be like every other kid. I’m not one for sympathy and I also don’t know what it’s like having two hands.

Quest’s coach, Glenn McCaughtry, who is a floor manager for the Toronto Raptors, had high praise for Quest and told the Star:

Fans applaud him and people love to hear stories about courageous kids. I’ve watched him do a reverse layup in a game and remember one of the scrimmages last year when he knocked off nine three-pointers in a practice.

Make sure you take a couple of minutes this weekend to read “Nothing stops Dejuan” over at the Toronto Star.




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