Why Steve Nash Will Be Named MVP Again This Season

By Ryan McNeill

While reading through online and print articles there seems to be a growing sentiment that Steve Nash won’t win a third straight MVP award this season. Despite the fact that he’s posting career highs across the board and his teams winning more games it seems like countless writers would rather anoint Kobe, Dirk Nowitzki or even Gilbert Arenas as MVP this season.

However, there’s no doubt in my mind that Nash, barring a season ending injury, will coast to his third straight MVP award.

In his latest article Adrian Wojnarowski set aside Nash’s personal stats and instead threw out a team stat that shows how valuable Nash is:

They’re the greatest show in sports now, a brand of basketball straight out of the space age. The Phoenix Suns had come to Madison Square Garden to make a modicum of history, spinning a second 15-game winning streak within a season.

While pundits of Nash winning a third straight MVP will use this quote and point to his a Suns roster filled with possible MPV candidates, I’ll remind fans that Nash is a big reason why this Suns teams is so explosive. While Leandro Barbosa is putting up huge numbers this season I don’t think the Suns offense would be nearly as explosive if he were to try and replace Nash. Is any hoops fan delusional enough to think that Marcus Bank could come close to mirroring what Nash can do?

Some fans will argue that Nash is a product of Mike D’Antoni’s offense but I would argue that the Suns offense is effective because Nash is the central cog. If you were to take Nash off the Suns roster there’s no way that they would be able to notch to 15 game win streaks this season.

Isn’t that what should determine a most valuable player? A player who, if you were to take him off a successful team, then that team would then falter?


4 thoughts on “Why Steve Nash Will Be Named MVP Again This Season

  1. Ryan,

    We have agreed on practically everything, but I have to disagree with you here. I’ve appeared almost oleaginous on the Internet because of my problems with Nash winning three straight.

    He is a great player, a remarkable player who makes his team better year in and year out.

    My concerns are more with the last two than this year. I truly don’t believe that he deserved either one. He’s amazing this year, but lets wait till the season plays out. Judging from LeBron’s game last night, it seems as if he’s about to go on a serious tear.

    The talent LeBron plays with is not comparable to Steve’s, his record doesn’t compare, but he’s doing it alone.

    There were just too many candidates for Nash to go back to back. It’s almost like hitting the lottery. I have a problem with my peers anointing him MVP the last two years only ten games into the season. That’s ridiculous.

    I just have problems with run and gun offenses. They are regular season ready, but when the playoffs begin all of that running will stop (unless they play Dallas, can’t wait for that).

    Stat and Matrix are players that LeBron, Kobe, Dirk, Boozer or Arenas simply don’t have. I think that’s the strongest argument.

    It’s almost as if those players don’t exist with all the shine Nash is currently receiving. The NBA is is light right now. I guarantee you that players are boiling under their skin and can’t wait for the playoffs to begin.

    Come playoff time, teams will structure their game plans around stopping Amare and Marion and let Nash roam free to score 40.

    Teams pack it in and Nash gets to splash pretty jumpers all game. When they respect him, he drives by his defender and throws lobs or sick passes to crazy hopped mates coming down the lane. The “team” is almost unstoppable.

    You won’t win in Phoenix in the middle of a Western road swing, it just won’t happen. Your athletes just aren’t conditioned for the Suns style.

    While I don’t think this team would be as affective with Barbosa, I actually think they would be better defensively and maybe a better team come playoff time.

    That’s not a knock on Nash. I would say the same if a player of comparable size and strength–say Iverson–were playing for this team.

    Would they have two 15 game winning streaks? Probably not.

    Yes this is a regular season award, but Nash’s run is without precedent.

    Seriously, the way other players are scrutinized, if Phoenix doesn’t win, Nash should wear the same choker’s collar his peers get labeled with game in and year out.

    If Phoenix wins it all, I’ll be the first to give Nash his just due.

    There has never been a three time MVP who hasn’t won two rings.

    We just have to be careful to protect the legacy of the game for our children.

    When i say that, I’m stating that when people look back on this era, all they’ll see is Nash. That’s unfair.

    It will be hard to not vote for Nash this year, but the last two..dare I say it?…were bogus.

  2. I have to disagree with both of you. Ryan, you didn’t really make a case for why Nash will win another MVP. You just said he’s playing really well of late on a stacked team and that without him there would be no 15-game winning streak. Yeah, completely true, but you could say literally the same thing about Dirk, except his team isn’t on a winning streak…they’re just winning 19 games out of 20 lately.

    Michael, if you don’t think Nash deserved either of his two MVP’s you’re stone-cold crazy. One could make the argument that Marbury couldn’t help the Suns to a winning record with STAT and Matrix, and Marbury isn’t a bad basketball player.
    It’s a regular season award, and I think what you’re saying is that the Suns are a regular-season team that can’t get it done in the playoffs, so we should reconsider the process of awarding MVP’s based on that. If so, WTF? That’s how it came across, Michael.

  3. Mike: It’s on like Donkey Kong 🙂

    Mike… Mike… Mike… Run and Gun? Please do research into D’Antoni’s offense. He uses a high screen and roll offense that you can check out by looking at the PDF file on this page: http://hoopsaddict.com/blog/?p=1503

    You wrote, “he is a great player, a remarkable player who makes his team better year in and year out.” That’s one reason to give him the MVP award. Does LeBron make his teammates better yet? Nope! Can LeBron play with enough intensity to make the Cavs the top seed in the East? Nope! Has LeBron played up to all of his God-given talent? Nope!

    I got a chuckle when you wrote, “The talent LeBron plays with is not comparable to Steve’s, his record doesn’t compare, but he’s doing it alone.” Do you think Jordan had the talent that Nash has? the point though is that Jordan was able to elevate his teamamtes while LeBron hasn’t been able to. With that being said LeBron is just hype and gaudy stats at this point.

    I got a little steemed when you wrote, “My concerns are more with the last two than this year. I truly don’t believe that he deserved either one. He’s amazing this year, but lets wait till the season plays out.” That kind of thinking is nonsense because there’s no reason why he should be robbed the award this season if he earned it. Period. It’s not about sharing the award like it’s charity, the most valuable player (not the one with the best stats) should earn this award. I feel that Nash is the most valuable player on the best team in the League so you gotta’ consider him the front runner.

    Also, if teams “try” to stop Amare and Marion (a tough task in itself) then Raja Bell, Jalen Rose, Barbosa OR Nash will nail open looks. Last year Amare wasn’t healthy which allowed teams to double Marion. Now that they have two stars you can’t double team them because the supporting cast on Phoenix will torch you and rest assured Captain Canada will find the open teammates.

    What is with the rubbish when you wrote “We just have to be careful to protect the legacy of the game for our children.” C’mon man!

  4. Chris: Fair enough, good point with Dirk but as I mentioned in my intro he’s one of the candidates for the MVP as well. Perhaps it’s just my bias as a Canuck that’s clouding my judgement… perhaps…

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