Interview With Florida State Assistant Coach Stan Jones

By Ryan McNeill

Stan Jones has helped guide seven teams into the postseason and coached nine all-conference players in his first 10 years coaching at the collegiate level. He has helped Florida State advance to the second round of the NIT in both 2004 and 2006 and he has attracted four consecutive top-15 recruiting classes to Tallahassee and coached only the second All-ACC First-Team selection in school history during his first four years at Florida State. Jones was instrumental in attracting the nation’s No. 1 recruiting class to Florida State in 2003 and he was named one of college basketball’s top 25 recruiters in 2004.

Last month I had the chance to chat with Stan and we covered the following topics:

  • Stan has coached three NBA draft selections in his first four years at Florida State and eight NBA selections in his 10 years as a college coach. Tim Pickett, who earned All-America Honorable Mention and All-ACC First-Team selection during his two-year career at Florida State, was a second round pick of the New Orleans Hornets in 2004 while Von Wafer was a second pick of the Los Angeles Lakers in 2005. Alexander Johnson was an All-ACC pick and selected in the first round of the 2006 NBA Draft by the Indiana Pacers last summer. The Seminoles are one of only two ACC teams who have had at last one player drafted in each of the last three seasons. He talked what’s it like to see players you coached have success on the pro level.
  • He has considerable amount of experience coaching players who have gone on to the Pro’s and has coached there with the Washington Wizards. He explains for your younger players listening what are the traits that you feel that stand out about players who not only make it to the Pro’s but are able to sustain a career in the NBA.
  • He explains what types of things he learned from his experience coaching in the NBA.
  • Stan is well known some great recruiting classes at Florida State. He talked to me about how recruiting has changed over the years and what remains the constant
  • Many recruiting sites now rank College’s recruiting classes and Stan talked about how good a predictor is being at the top or near the top of these ranking is of a teams chances for getting to and winning a Final Four
  • Stan talked about what type of players he looks to recruit to Florida State and if he looks for special traits when recruiting
  • He talks about what he feels separates the top 3-4 teams in the ACC from those that start out strong each year in non-conference and end up getting worn down by competing in the ACC and miss the tournament.

The entire interview can be heard by registering and logging onto You can also listen to a seven minute clip of this interview for free by clicking here.


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