Interview with BYU Assistant Coach Walter Roese

By Ryan McNeill

I had the pleasure of interviewing BYU assistant coach Walter Roese earlier this month for an interview that is now online at Walter’s collegiate playing career saw him attend the University of Houston, West Texas A&M and BYU-Hawaii while playing at the Division I, Division II and NAIA levels and he has played and coached for the Brazilian National Teams.

Some of the topics that I chatted with Walter about are;

* The highlights of playing pro ball in Brazil in Italy and some of the challenges he faced
* Walter holds the Brazilian professional league record with 23 assists in a game and he talked about racked up so many assists in one game
* He was the first Brazilian born full-time assistant coach in NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball history and he talked about what it feels like to have that honour
* In 2005 he helped the Cougars become the nation’s second-most improved team with a 20-9 overall record. Walter fills listeners in on how the team plans to improve upon the success of last season
* He was the director of basketball at BYU when Rafael Araujo entered the NBA draft and he talked about how rewarding was it to see one of your players get selected in the NBA Lottery
* He talked about some coaches that helped you grow as a player and what attributes make a successful coach

You can listen to the entire interview by going to but you can listen to a five minute clip of the interview for free by clicking here. In this clip Walter talks about what it was like to see a former player and close friend Rafael Araujo get drafted into the NBA and he talks about some of the struggles Araujo has had as a pro.


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