Iverson Says He Won’t Play for Charlotte

David Wilson

So they were trying to send Allen Iverson to Charlotte. Early Monday morning, after looking at the entire situation, I felt Ed Snider was going to make every effort to ship AI to Charlotte. All signs pointed toward a malicious Snider hooking up with an, “I need to put butts in seats,” Bob Johnson, majority owner of the Bobcats.

However, according to David Aldridge of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Iverson indicated that there was no way he’d play for Charlotte: “The Sixers, according to a source, were close to sending Iverson to the Charlotte Bobcats for a package of players Monday afternoon. But Iverson indicated his displeasure with being sent to the Bobcats – the league’s newest team, having begun play in 2004 – and the deal died, the source said.”

At least one team believed the Bobcats were in the driver’s seat earlier Monday. “It’s Michael (Jordan)’s deal to turn down,” said an executive of one team that is involved in the trade discussions, referring to Charlotte’s new minority owner.

Aldridge seems to think that Sacramento now has the inside track to get Iverson. However, as I wrote this yesterday morning, from a basketball perspective, this move would be potentially catastrophic for the Kings.

Again, surveying the trade landscape, it appears that Boston and Minnesota are the most likely landing points for AI.


One thought on “Iverson Says He Won’t Play for Charlotte

  1. Why can’t Minnesota just ante up what it takes to broker this deal? I get why their hesitent to part with Foye but an old KG won’t be of any use to them once Foye’s hits his prime and a green Foye won’t do KG any good this season – Minnesota needs to either build a winner around KG or start building for the future around Foye.

    The T Pups need to either make a run this season with KG or send him off to another team so he can try to earn a Championship.

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