Lincoln University Scores 201 Points in a Game

By Ryan McNeill

Yesterday afternoon I was sent an email from Jeff about Lincoln University scoring 201 points in a game. Curiosity got the best of me and after searching around on the net I came across a game recap on CBS Sportsline. The Associated Press recap states, “Sami Wylie made an NCAA record 21 3-pointers and finished with 69 points to help Lincoln University set a Division III scoring record in a 201-78 victory over Ohio State-Marion on Saturday. Lincoln’s total topped the Division III mark set in January 2005 by the University of Redlands, which scored 172 points against La Sierra College. Wylie’s 21 3s beat Jeff Clement’s 19 3-pointers for Division III Grinnell against Illinois College on Feb. 18, 1998. Division II Troy has the all-time NCAA record with 258 points against DeVry, Ga., on Jan. 12, 1992. The margin of victory for Lincoln also was an NCAA record.”

First off, what was the head coach of Lincoln thinking by running up the score so much? Any coach that’s been in the game long enough knows when it’s time to let the bench players get some burn and call it a night.

Second, why did head coach Garfield Yuille allow his star player Sam Wylie to jack up a record 21 3-pointers in a game? How is that showing sportsmanship? If this was a shoot-out and both teams were closing in on 200 points it would be different but this was a game where Lincoln picked up the win early on and there’s no reason to leave in Wylie.

Something that only served to agitate me further is when I read on Fox Sports that, “Ohio State-Marion is a non-NCAA school that competes in the Ohio Regional Campus Conference.” To me this is like reading about Goliath beating up on David – what’s the point in beating down a weaker opponent?

Some fans will point to Epiphany Prince scoring 113 points in a high school game and wonder how that’s any different. Personally, I didn’t have a problem with Prince scoring 81 points because as a high school students it’s the responsiblity of her coach to take her out (no high school kid will ever ease up during a game) and a feat like this could lead a possible scholarship. What does Lincoln’s basketball program gain from this feat? In my mind it only tarnishes the rep of their head coach and the school.

What does everyone else think about this?


8 thoughts on “Lincoln University Scores 201 Points in a Game

  1. I’ve read that Sami Wilye scored his 21 3’s in only 24 minutes…

    Lincoln had 16 players and all of them played. Ohio state had only six players… I don’t really understand why. Injuries? I’ve read this is their fourth year as a basketball program.

    I know what Ryan tries to explain, but if all sixteen players of Lincoln played (I don’t know for how long did the bench players played) if their best scorer played only 24 minutes… I don’t think that the coach has done something rude.

    I mean, this is a game, what’s the problem for Ohio? they just have to go on and try to improve their game. I don’t think that they have been humilliated or something like that. There is a problem if Lincoln players showed disrespect towards their rivals, but, if not… I think that you show respect by making your best effort anytime you play.

    Greetings from Spain!!

  2. thanks Raul! In the reading about the game I didn’t come across either of those facts – both are big points.

    However, why should a player jack up 21 three’s in just 24 minutes? To me that sounds like way too many shot attempts regardless of how many minutes you play. You are a coach so I have to ask – would you have let Sami or any of your players jack up that many threes?

    Plus, if the Lincoln coach knew that he was playing against weaker competition why not limit Sami to 10 minutes? 24 minutes in a blowout still seems a bit excessive to me.

  3. Ryan,

    I do believe that playing the best that you can, no matter who you plays against is the most respectable thing, if Lincoln players didn’t show any disrespect so the most dignified thing to do is play the best that you can.

    That said, the Lincoln coach could act wiser and to let his replacement play even more, but he didnt do any thing wrong.

  4. I will interested to see if details about this emerge and change people’s opinions. There was a similar situation in West Virginia this fall where a running back set a state rushing record of 658 yards. Not only did he play all 4 quarters in a 64-0 rout, his team ran a no-huddle offense and did not field punts in order to maximize his rushing opportunities. Here’s a link to USA Today’s article:

    I thing the coach of that football team was wrong, not to beat his opponent 64-0, but to go to such lengths to put the record of an individual over the achievement of the team. It’s one thing to give him a few more carries to get the record, but this was ridiculous.

    Back to basketball. I found the box score for this game, and Wylie’s line is pretty intriguing: 23-44 FG, 21-41 3FG, 2-3 FT. He played 11 minutes in the first half and 13 in the second, when he shot 27 treys! But the bigger story is that this was a complete mismatch on a team level. OSU had 62 turnovers, 48 of which were steals by Lincoln. Lincoln’s bench scored 89 points, and OSU was scoreless for the first eight minutes of the second half.

    For some reason, I don’t think this was as bad as the football situation I mentioned above. College is different from high school. You can recruit players and control your scheduling (this was not a league game). And in any competition, the only thing worse than getting beat is the insult of an opponent going easy on you.

    Wow, that’s quite a little screed.

  5. If you read the play-by-play, you find out that Wylie is still in jacking up threes with 28 seconds left in the game. That’s a bit excessive. But, the topper is that OSU-Marion’s coach, Mark Sisler, dressed and was the team’s sixth man. It would be interesting for someone to do some digging to see if he’s actually a full-time student and thus eligible to play. If he’s ineligible, Lincoln ends up with a 2-0 forfeit win and the records are all null and void. A team in our city played OSU-Marion this year and they’ve heard that Lincoln paid them $1,000 to come to the tournament and promised to take care of their rooms. Well, when they got there, there were no rooms and some players had to sleep in their cars. This is all just too bizarre. Records are meant to be broken, but they should also come in the flow of the game without turning it into a three-ring circus.

  6. I just came across a link for the play-by-play for the game which you can read to by going to – I think the worst part of the game occured when “Lincoln took control with a 38-0 run in the first eight minutes of the second half. Granted, it was already 97-44 in favor of the home side.” How can this coach hold down his job after a complete lack of professionalism?

    Dave – thanks for info on head coach Mark Sisler suiting up. For some reason I didn’t notice this the first time I scanned the boxscore ( and I’m interested to see if he’s enrolled as a student or just an employee of the university. That story about Lincoln shafting a team visiting for a tournament is a sketchy deal as well.

  7. Look at this…Not a student?


    Unique name at OSU = sisler.2
    Email addresses:
    Published address =
    1465 MT VERNON AVE
    MARION, OH 43302
    Marion Campus
    Program Coordinator

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