Juan Carlos Navarro: Call Him “La Bomba”

Let me be blunt: Juan Carlos Navarro should have gone to the NBA years ago. The NBA shouldn’t let him escape. Have you ever seen a player who plays with a smile on his face? That’s Navarro.

Let’s talk about his game: Navarro is incredible one-on-one. He can shoot, drive to the hole, score against bigger defenders with his wonderful “bombas”, and make three’s from NBA distance. He’s ready to defend and face a defence at the NBA level.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Watch Navarro shoot:

coming off screens …

in pick-and-roll situations …

three’s on a fast break …

“La Bomba”

Navarro turned pro as a 17-year-old on one of the best European teams, F.C. Barcelona. Some people thought that he wouldn’t be playing a lot when Barcelona hired the super-strict and defence-oriented Dusko Ivanovic last season, but he was the most important player of Ivanovic’s team. Navarro was the top scorer and he played very good defence, leading his team to the Euroleague Final Four.

He has played with Pau Gasol and Navarro was the “go to” player on the team (I know that’s hard to believe). If you ask Pau about Navarro, he’ll tell you that he wants Navarro on his side. Perhaps we’ll see that happen in the NBA some day?


3 thoughts on “Juan Carlos Navarro: Call Him “La Bomba”

  1. Yes, I think that the Wiz own his rights but I hve no clue what they are going to do with him. Brian (our resident Wiz fan) is a big fan and is the one that asked Raul to write this post.

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