Hoops Addict Podcast: Joe Newman Interview

Welcome to the inaugural Hoops Addict Podcast! We are kicking off this Podcast with a great interview with Joe Newman who is the CEO of the new ABA. We have Joe on the show to talk about his vision for the ABA, some of the rules for his league that are different than that NBA and he breaks down why going to an ABA game is more entertaining than a NBA game. We also have Joe talk about his motivation for creating his unique “Ask the CEO” column on ABALIVE.com and his plans for further expanding the number of teams in his league.

Click here to listen to this Podcast.

Ryan McNeill from Hoops Addict discusses all of the things going on in basketball every week on the Hoops Addict Podcast. If you would like to submit a question for the show you can send him an email at hoopsaddict@360thepitch.com or call the Buzzline at 206.666.BUZZ and leave him an audio voice message.


3 thoughts on “Hoops Addict Podcast: Joe Newman Interview

  1. I’ll ask Joe that when I have him on the show again before his season tips off this winter. That’s a question I had written down to ask but I ran out of time to ask.

    I thought you’d like the old school Pharcyde tune!

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