Raptors: Fantasy League “PAPP” Talk

By Jeff Wong

Last fall, my buddy George introduced me to Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball. I quickly became addicted and filled Word documents and spreadsheets with statistics and calculations. (Thank goodness there’s an offseason, which forced me to stop cold-turkey.)

One exercise that I found helpful was to list the number of Players Available Per Position (PAPP) on my roster. Here’s what the Raptors’ looks like:

T. Ford (PG) / J. Calderon (PG) / F. Jones (SG) / M. Peterson (SG/SF) / A. Parker (SG/SF)
K. Humphries (SF/PF) / J. Graham (SG/SF/PF) / P. Tucker (SF) / U. Slokar (PF)
J. Garbajosa (PF/C) / C. Bosh (PF/C) / A. Bargnani (PF/C) / R. Nesterovic (C)
P. Sow (PF/C) on IR

PAPP (not including Sow; no pun intended):
PG: 2 / SG: 4 / SF: 5 / PF: 6 / C: 4

If this were my fantasy team, I’d be scouring the league for another point guard. I’d want one who has a history of good health and consistent scoring, as neither Ford nor Calderon fit that description, and only Bosh and Mo Pete do at any other position. Darrick Martin won’t suffice.

On the other hand, real life ain’t fantasy sports. But just try to tell Isiah Thomas that…


15 thoughts on “Raptors: Fantasy League “PAPP” Talk

  1. does this mean you’ll be one of the victims, umm, I mean members of the Hoops Addict Fantasty Hoops league this fall?

  2. it’s on! I ran a league last year with buddies and I’m going to open it up to readers of this site. Last year we had 20 GM’s and rosters of 20 players… it was intense! 🙂

  3. Wow, that’s tempting, but last year it really consumed my time. I’d probably play the Salary Cap Challenge, though (’cause they got prizes). Anyone up for that?

  4. I had so much bad luck last season. I had Shareef, Shaq, Odom who produced inconsistently under Kobe, and I even traded Kobe before I realized that his points outburst was real.

  5. Hey there Jeff, it’s your buddy George. I never got to apologize for introducing you to the beast that is Yahoo fantasy b-ball. Your league never had a chance with your word, excel, spreadsheet trix, and now it’s evolved into real-life b-ball analysis. I think all GMs should take on your approach. BC should look at it too.
    I never got to ask you, how did you do in your Yahoo league?

  6. Craptor Fan/George, I placed 3rd on both roto and h2h leagues. For h2h, I actually placed 2nd in the regular season, then was beaten in the playoffs by a guy who kept dropping and picking up players on waivers in order to maximize games played. That’s no way to play, IMO.

  7. I know you Raptor guys are gonna hate me for this but Charlie V was by far THE STEAL of my fantasy draft!!!! LOL! I’m gonna put him high on my list again this year too. Same for Chris Paul.

  8. Flip Murray already signed with the Pistons and Stevenson just signed a two-year contract with the Wizards last night… Martin’s a decent option but I think we need a PG off the bench who can give us a scoring punch…

  9. Will – another option is a limit on total games played. In my yahoo league we set it at 100 so it rewarded GM’s who were active on the WW’s but at the same time you had to “pace yourself” so that you didn’t waste too many starts on scrubs.

  10. oh, it’s gonna be going down for sure…. Jeff might stay away though because he’ll get addicted and it’ll cost him his job 🙂 hahaaha

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