Michael Jordan Wanted to go to UCLA

By Ryan McNeill

A site called “Insomniac’s Lounge” reported yesterday that Michael Jordan’s first choice to play college ball was UCLA but the Bruins never recruited him.

The writers of the site went to Borders on the weekend to look around and noticed a booked called “Playboy Interviews: They Played the Game” which is a collection of old interviews with various athletes. I guess some people do read Playboy for the articles, eh!

What Insomniac’s Lounge wrote in their post “What Might Have Been” is that, “with masochistic curiosity, I had to check to see if the most heartbreaking interview I’d ever read was included in this volume. Not surprisingly, it was. In either a 1992 or 1993 interview, Michael Jordan reflected on his days playing high school ball and revealed: ‘I always wanted to go to UCLA. That was my dream school….But UCLA never recruited me.’”

Can someone else please varify this report for me? As a loyal Tar Heels fan I’m shocked by these claims – there’s now way that any hoops star in the ‘80’s would have chosen UCLA over the chance to play for Dean Smith, right? I know there’s the allure of playing for the school that John Wooden coached for, but that was in the past by the ‘80’s and Smith was still coaching at North Carolina. Why pass up the chance for play for a coaching legend in order to play at a school where a coaching legend used to coach.

Thanks again to The Big Lead for pointing our this article – those guys are doing some great stuff over at that Blog!


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