Raptors: Backcourt to the Future

By Jeff Wong

One of the most memorable scenes in Back to the Future was when Marty ripped apart a soapbox scooter to transform it into a slick skateboard. In effect, Bryan Colangelo is pulling a McFly as we watch him make a dramatic change to the Raptors backcourt. Here is the expected guard lineup and the impact it might have on the team:

The Starting Lineup

SG: Morris Peterson
PG: TJ Ford

Pretty obvious stuff here. Ford and Peterson would complement each other well, as Ford’s got the court vision and inconsistent shot, while Mo Pete’s got the good jumper and average passing.

I wonder, though, if Jose Calderon has a place anymore on this team. His strengths and weaknesses are quite similar to Ford’s: pushes the ball, passes, but outside shot needs work. And waiting in Europe is 6’5″ Croatian PG Roko Ukic, who gives opponents a different look than TJ and House. (“TJ and House” – now there’s a pitch for TV execs!) Yep, another bit of the Babcock era may soon be Bobbitted.

The Second Unit
SG: Anthony Parker
PG: House

From Draft Express’s profile on Parker:

“His ball-handling skills allow him to bring the ball up the floor and initiate the offensive smoothly as his team does not play with a traditional point guard. As you can tell by his assist numbers (just under four per game), he is an extremely unselfish player who possesses terrific court vision and knows how to find the open man.”

I focused on this particular paragraph because the Raptors’ second unit would consist of him and House, a non-traditional point guard. Ideally, Parker would have a Joe Johnson-type effect here, and generally affords Sam Mitchell some on-floor flexibility. If Parker can really handle it at the NBA level, we could see a big backcourt on some occasions with him and Mo Pete.

Well, this is all speculation right now, because most NBA clubs haven’t made the official announcements of signings yet. Boy, that DeLorean sure would come in handy.


6 thoughts on “Raptors: Backcourt to the Future

  1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we ink House and not Salmons. Salmons isn’t as lethal a shooter as House and with House as SG we could give Calderon the back-up PG minutes.

  2. Yep, Calderon at backup, at least for this year. I expect Parker to be a good one for us, so I don’t know how Jose’s going to get minutes with House in there as well – assuming that’s how everything will end up. Only BC knows whether Roko’s coming this year (dealing Jose now) or next year (dealing Jose later). Doug Smith thinks Roko will come to compete for a spot next year.

  3. he was dropping dimes all over the place last season in the first half (and I think should have been playing in the rookie game) but he lost his confidence in the second half when his shot stopped falling. I feel confident with him as our back-up PG though because he does a great job of running the offense.

  4. A shame, but I think Calderon’s days are numbered as well. He really did seem great early in the season last year but then fell a part. If his confidence level stays consistent then he’s bound to be great.
    But looks like BC’s already got his pass first PG in Ford.

  5. Why doyou feel Calderon’s days are numbered? He’s a solid back-up in the NBA and he’ll be a great fit for us next season playing 10-15 minutes per night. Once he gets back some of the confidence that he lost last season due to his injuries he’ll be a great back-up point guard for Toronto.

    What’s the harm in having both our point guards having a pass first mentality? I think it’s a great thing.

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