GM Fixit Announces Team Award Winners

By Jeff Wong

Remember NBA GM Fixit? They’ve announced the winning blogger for each of the ten NBA teams. Among the winners are me (huzzah!) for the Raptors, and our Killer Crossover partner Justin Poulin for the Celtics.

Great analysis of Justin’s work by the judging panel:

“Justin has the imagination of a 7 year old after a bag of brown sugar…the good thing is whatever he was doing worked and made for a very creative proposal as well as entertaining.”

To read Justin’s entry, click here. Mine is here.

Stay tuned for the winner of the Golden Wrench Award!


3 thoughts on “GM Fixit Announces Team Award Winners

  1. huzzah? Is this a new hip hop term I haven’t yet heard of or are you showing your age 🙂

    Congrats on the getting an award for the top Raptors column and earening honourable mention in the finals!

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