Corey Underwood – Best Player in NYC?

Checking out the stats for the site this weekend it’s become clear that people love to hear about the NBA Draft and young players that haven’t become famous for balling in the League yet. While checking out the results of the most popular referring searches on Yahoo and MSN, Joakim Noah and NBA Draft are both in the top five of my search results with both searches sending me well over 100 visitors each.

With that in mind I feel readers of this site should know about a playground legend in New York that’s about to blow up in a big way. His name is Corey Underwood and according to Elevation Mag he’s poised to be the next big thing.
You may not have heard about the 6’10 freak of nature but a couple NBA teams are already monitoring how the 26-year old is doing. According to Elevation and Underwood, “I don’t wanna say who, but I can say with confidence that there’s five or six NBA teams who know Cory Underwood and are monitoring him very closely.

Underwood described his game to Elevation Mag by saying that he’s, “very mobile. I can do a lot of things with the ball. Skilled. Great footwork, but that lost art of scoring in the post is where I’ll always win, and no I’m not talking about putting your head down and throwing up a shot. I’m talking reverse pivots, step-through’s, etc. Mid-post, mid-range jumper. I’ll even pull you out on the wing… give me too much room, jumper. You press up, bye-bye. Yes, this is what I do, ask around! Last summer there wasn’t too many games where I didn’t have 20 and up.”

Anyone can hype themselves up – you need only to look at Dave Isaacs for proof of this – but the numbers for Underwood seem to back up his claims. After playing overseas in Poland he returned to the states and averaged 20 points and 8 boards per game in the ABA when given legit minutes. The Yakima Sun Kings signed him to play for their CBA team just before their playoff run and he only averaged 12 minutes per game and 3.3 points per game. Underwood is hoping to return to the Sun Kings next season to play extended minutes and then he hope he can make the jump the NBA soon.

This summer Underwood plans to take his game to new heights by training at the New York Athletic Club. This gym has trained current and former NBA players like Dwyane Wade, Mike James, Smush Parker, Jayson Williams, Jason Williams, Joe Forte, Greg Anthony, Andre Barrett, Rod Strickland, Mark Aguirre, Michael Curry and Ed Pinckney.

When Underwood makes the NBA you can remember where you heard his name first.


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