Raptors: I. Am. Colangelo!

By Jeff Wong

I’ve been spending the past couple of weeks working on an article for another website. Rest easy, my legions of fans (both of you), I’m not leaving Hoops Addict. With Ryan’s blessing, I’ve been focusing on the NBA GM Fixit Contest, in which I will compete with two other bloggers for the GM position of the Toronto Raptors. The contest starts June 5, and the three Raptors entries will be posted on the morning of June 7. Here are some afterthoughts on my own work.

I Compared Big Ben To A Pregnant Woman

Yes, I compared Ben Wallace to Angelina Jolie. She may be pregnant, but she’s still synonymous with desirability, I think. Maybe a pregnant Angelina is synonymous with Big-Ben-ain’t-goin’-nowhere.

I Love That BC Is Our GM

GM Bryan Colangelo’s got cachet AND he’s got luck. What more can I ask for as a Raptors fan? And why are people making a big deal about his collar? He’s nowhere near Don Cherry’s level.

I Like Our Young’uns A Lot

I want to see our young players continue to develop in Toronto, particularly rookies Charlie Villanueva and Jose Calderon. I want to see Rafael Araujo and Pape Sow get a second chance (third, in Hoffa’s case). I want to see Roko-Leni Ukic in action. But I just can’t see where Uros Slokar will fit in our deep rotation of four’s. According to Slokar’s scouting report, his strengths are redundant in a lineup with Chris Bosh and Charlie V. I see him staying in Europe getting starter’s minutes with Bargnani getting drafted. Then, when Slokar’s stock is up, trade him.

I Wrote Almost 1000 Words

A thousand words is actually quite a lot when you don’t know much about the collective bargaining agreement, plus the salary cap status and needs of 30 teams. In the words of Dr. Evil, “Throw me a frickin’ bone!” – please vote for my contest entry on NBA GM Fixit!


4 thoughts on “Raptors: I. Am. Colangelo!

  1. Wow Jeff, way to go on finding a common link between Angelina and Wallace, that takes skill man.
    But I can’t help but notice your soft spot for Hoffa. I’m done with Hoffa and I think Raptors fans should embrace the recent luck we’ve found and all the youth coming on board and stop being so unnecessarily patient with bumbs like Hoffa.

  2. Jeff has a great way of linking pop culture to hoops, each post he seems to find a clever way to merge the two.

    I do worry about his fondess for Hoffa though! All season long I’ve been telling fans to five Hoffs a break but I can see huge problems with his game. Jeff tends to look at him through rose coloured glasses a la Chuck Swirsky 🙂 hehe

  3. Hoffa’s got one more year on his rookie contract – I say let him prove himself. If he shows that he can’t be our backup center, by all means let his contract run out. As a team needing toughness, the Raps should give him at least that much time.

  4. Jeff – I agree that we shouldn’t give up on the guy, but, I think he’s done in the T Dot. Between getting killed in the press by being Babcock’s Blunder and the way the ACC fans ripped on the guy it’s clear that he just needs a fresh start. I think the guy will play along time in the League as a back-up centre but he won’t be able to “flourish” in Toronto because of all the bad vibes surrounding him.

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