All-NBA Blog Awards

A big thanks to Chris over at End of the Bench for giving Hoops Addict some props today by awarding us as the “Most Improved Blog.” When I first heard that we won an award I was stoked about the recognition and then reality set it – didn’t that sucky kid win this award back in the day? I remember playing on sports teams as a kid and always giggling at the loser that won Most Improved by the coaches because he tried really hard. The “Most Improved” kid was always the one that tripped on his own shoelaces running to first or who had his glasses smashed when he failed to catch a chest pass.

Hopefully Hoops Addict isn’t a lame blog that’s getting attention just because it tries hard, I’d like to think that we’re the “multimedia empire” that Lowpost hyped us up to be earlier this month.

Yeah, multimedia empire, that’s it….


4 thoughts on “All-NBA Blog Awards

  1. Multimedia empire was what I had in mind. And this isn’t the sucky kid award – as Henry said in his comment, I’d love to see side-by-side what the blog looked like when I first started reading it, with a big ol’ pic of your face and some black and purple colors thrown in there. It was just so different! Anyway, it’s come a long way, with the magazine and all, plus the podcast. You’re an empire on your own Ryan!

  2. thanks Chris! I appreciate the props a lot, great to see that I get noticed for the work I put into the site. When I started things up this season I had no clue how to do code but I’m starting to like tweaking the site and learning about this stuff.

    There’s plenty of room for you in the “empire!” Can’t wait to read your column in the magazine next fall 🙂

  3. When I think of most improved, I think of Boris Diaw. Other MIP winners include Gilbert Arenas, Jermaine O’Neal and Tracy McGrady. Not bad company to keep, I think.

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