Raptors Should Trade The Top Pick

Raptors fans are buzzing about winning the top pick in next month’s draft, but I say we trade the pick away for a veteran point guard and a pick lower in the first round.

Before Raptors fans chew my head off check out this logic – can any of the top players in the Draft help us out?


None of the players this year are worthy of a top pick since Greg Oden has to play a year of college and Joakim Noah passed on the NBA.

ESPN pegs Toronto selecting LeMarcus Alrdidge with the top pick. While he’s the best big man in the draft I doubt he’ll be a solid pro because he had a hard time establishing himself in college. I watched a couple of Longhorns games this year and he didn’t command the ball in the post and his game simply didn’t impress me.

Along those lines, a player that has been building a buzz around him leading up to the draft but hasn’t impressed me has been Brandon Roy. He averaged 20.2 points, 5.6 boards and 4.1 dimes per game at Washington last season but I wasn’t impressed with him in the few games that I saw last season. Sure he has great numbers playing for the Huskies, but who else did they have that could score for them?

The player that I love in the draft is Tyrus Thomas but at 6’9″ he’d be challenging Charlie Villanueva for minutes next season. With Chris Bosh and Villanueva as our forwards we are set at the position for years to come, why draft another forward just to have him come off the bench?

It’s not like we can go away from drafting the “big” that we need and try to draft a future star player because this is a draft class void of any star players. Sure, there’s Adam Morrison who’s a well known college star but I have serious doubts about how well his game will translate to the pro level.

Don’t get me wrong fellow Raps fans, I’m not trying to rain on your parade. I’m simply trying to state that winning the lottery will be a great thing if Bryan Colangelo can get the starting point guard or center out of trading the pick. One deal that immediately pops into mind would have the top pick heading to Seattle for Luke Ridnour and their 10th pick. This deal would allow the Raps to add another young player while gaining the floor general that they desperately need.

While the idea of having the top draft pick is sure to be enticing, common sense would dictate that the Raptors would be better suited by dealing away the pick for a veteran point guard of big man.


15 thoughts on “Raptors Should Trade The Top Pick

  1. We’re on the same page, Ryan. Unless Colangelo sees someone in this draft that he can’t pass up on, he will trade the top pick for immediate help. The 5-spot is the thinnest position on the roster, so I think he will address that first.

    BTW, great job posting this article the morning after the lottery!

  2. hopefully BC’s on the same page as well! I agree that the 5 spot is our weakest and I just don’t see us getting help from a draft pick there. Aldridge would be the best player to snag if we don’t move the pick but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can move this pick.

    glad you appreciate how quick I churned this bad boy out 🙂 I had baseball frmo 8-10 last night, got home around 10:30 to hear about this pick and then fired off a quick article.

    Hope you can talk about this in your Friday Raps column!

  3. hey ryan,
    yeah, it just seems like the raptors won the lottery one year too early. the raptors don’t necessarily need the pick, but i think you’re a little too tough on aldridge. can you imagine how incredible that frontcourt would be? jeez.

    the raptors could always use a shooting guard since mopete is probably going to start his max money campaign, but adam morrison’s the best one out there and the raps clearly have that position locked up. marcus williams might be a nice addition because it sounds like colangelo’s not sold on mike james. hold out hope for oj mayo, man.

    but i think the raptors need to look at taking aldridge at 1, trading down for bargnani (if colangelo is really that in love with him), or picking up marcus williams with a lower pick.

  4. At the end of this article, Ryan says, “a veteran point guard of big man.”

    Is Magic Johnson a veteran point guard of big man?
    Maybe, Ryan meant to say “or” instead of “of.”

  5. thanks for the feedback Dave! If the Raps were to draft someone the only player that would make sense is Aldridge or the Euro player, but, I think the team is better suited trading the pick. When I first heard the news last night I kept thinking back to the LSU game where Big Baby shut him down because of his girth, but today I’ve started to lean towards ALdridge being a “Bosh” like player who will be effective in the league once he bulks up. The idea of having CV31, Bosh and Aldridge as our frontcourt is definitely tantalizing!

    Regardless of how things unfold, I have complete trust in BC to make the right moves for the team.

    By the way… I have dibs on your first interivew once the Knicks take you in the draft!

  6. What about that Italian guy baghnani? i know he’s a forward too but everyone’s comparing him to Dirk. What if they drafted him and played Bosh at Center?

  7. What about that Italian guy baghnani? i know he’s a forward too but everyone’s comparing him to Dirk. What if they drafted him and played Bosh at Center?

  8. to be honest I haven’t seen the Euro player play. I’ve seen the video of him that’s circulating on the net (it has the Da Brat tune playing in the background, priceless! haha) but I haven’t seen him play in actual games yet. From what I’ve heard BC is high on him, but, i refuse to jump on the bandwagon of a player who I haven’t seen play.

  9. Great piece Ryan. What do you think about raps giving up #1 to atlanta for zaza pachulia and the #5 where they could pick marvin williams?

  10. thanks Gabriel, glad you liked it!

    That deal is intriguing because Zaza is relatively cheap (around $5 million per season) and we can also get a top player. Dude, you cuold even argue that we could get the player we want with the fifth pick! This draft has a cluster of players that could go #1 so trading down to #5 means we can get a top player still.

    Did you mean Marcus Williams? He’s the pg this year, Marvin was the kid from UNC… yet another PF that the Hawks added to their roster 🙂 hehe

  11. Hey Dave, do you really think MoPete is looking for and would get max money? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Mo’s, but he’s no star. I’m thinking he’ll get a raise to $7-8 mil per season.

  12. yeah thats who I meant. I think that would be a sick trade…

    Its an exciting situation to be in for the raptors but Colangelo has an abundance of valid options and that will only make he decision harder.

    Do you think it is at all forseable to package the #1 pick, second round pick, mo pete and joey graham (or bonner)
    for example to Boston for Paul Pierce and the 7th pick? is Paul Pierce on the block?

  13. As Long as the Raptors do not draft Adam Morrison I am fine with who ever Toronto selects this year. I do think with Rasho being acquired from San Antonio gives the Raptors more options to work with, and changes my idea of who Toronto would have taken. I previously thought that Raptors would have selected LaMarcus Aldridge, because in my opinion he has that huge upside to his game where in the next 2 to 3 years he could be something special as well being able to come in right way giving the Raptors some solid minutes and being able to cause match up problems for other teams with his mobility and size.

    I would rather see Shannon Brown in a Raptors uniform because in all honesty I think Shannon Brown is the best player,athlete, and biggest steal in this draft. The only reason I feel Brown isn’t projected to go high in the draft, is because of his height at 6’3”.

    But we’ll see what Colangelo does. Toronto is the next Suns East.

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