Raptors: A Fan’s Letter to Maurizio Gherardini

By Jeff Wong

You can almost see the tumbleweeds drift by on the Raptors’ news front. So, in anticipation of the next big announcement – the signing of an assistant general manager – I wrote the following letter. I figure it should help Bryan Colangelo in his quest to woo and hire the best person for the job.

I don’t know the language but, through the power of the Internet (thank you, Google), I was able to translate my words into passable Italian. For your information and entertainment, I’ve translated it back to English.

Dear Mr. Maurizio Gherardini,

It is with great hope and expectation that I am writing you this letter. As we both know, the highly esteemed general manager of the Toronto Raptors, Bryan Colangelo, has been in contact with you in order to enlist your services as his assistant. If you decide to accept, I am sure that you will contribute to a dynasty of NBA to Toronto.

A lot is impressed from your reputation as the senior current conductor of electrical worker Benetton Treviso of the Euroleague. Four headlines, Italian ones, and four appearances of End Four are remarkable realizations in your highly competitive reign. My dream is that you will find the similar one happened in my country.

I hope to see your eye for international talent help in the recasting of the square of Canada. Like Mr. Colangelo can signal, we are deprived of hope of one presence of the hard low-shaft starter and a seasoned general of the pavement. If there are such gems hidden in Europe, I am sure that you could discover them to us.

Mr. Gherardini, like one of millions of basketball admirers in Canada, I ask that you considered seriously the occasion: to carry out a key role in the conquest of the game controlled from Americans with one square based in Canada. You have nothing on the left turning out in Europe; the completion of the conquest is from this side of the Atlantic.

The supporters of Toronto Raptors attend your decision burningly.

Obsequiously yours,

Jeff Wong

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Yes, I’m pulling a Vince this week, but I’m working on a major project. More on that in the near future.


3 thoughts on “Raptors: A Fan’s Letter to Maurizio Gherardini

  1. I like the translation! Hopefully he can help us get a guard and a low ‘shaft’ starter. I personally hope they go for a big man in the draft and a point guard in free agency.

  2. I think we’ve been burned by drafting for need, I think BC’s gotta draft the best player available and then worry about filling whatever holes are left during free agency

  3. I’m with Ryan on this one, although free agency isn’t looking so promising. It’s supply and demand: there are so few good FAs, the price tags will be ginormous.

    I’m expecting our “hard low-shaft” defender (big man) to come through trade, and FAs/draft to fill the backcourt holes.

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