Should High School Kids Go Straight To The NBA?

I’ve long been an advocate of students going to college for a year to enjoy playing video games, watching ESPN and ordering pizza until late at night. I love my time at university and I feel that everyone should get that opportunity (especially when a school is willing to pay for that). Why wouldn’t athletes take this opportunity to enjoy their youth for a couple more years before basketball becomes corrupted by agents and greed?

Brian McCormick wrote a great column today that’s starting to change my opinion. In his column he wrote, “Why force a kid into college? If he was not a basketball player, he would not go to college; he would join the Army, go to a junior college, get a job with UPS, etc. Going to college is not for everyone; why force every prospective college basketball player to attend college? Why not have USC give its scholarship and $100,000 education to a student-athlete who intends to stay more than one year and might benefit from the education?”

McCormick makes a couple other strong points but finished his article with this gem, “Let Davon Jefferson enter the draft; heck, encourage him. If he is not good enough to play in the NBA next season, send him to the NBDL; after all, that’s what the NBDL is for: development. There is no need for such an apathetic student to masquerade as a student-athlete just to further his basketball career. Universities should not serve as a minor league and abdicate its responsibilities to educate; the NBA, through the NBDL, should accept and train Jefferson and similar non-student athletes.”

For the full article by Coach McCormick click here.


2 thoughts on “Should High School Kids Go Straight To The NBA?

  1. The age limit is a joke. And it’s also illegal, according to the Sports Law Blog. (…Someday I’m going to sit down and read the full article by Michael McCann…it could make for some interesting stuff come draft time this year.

    Some people should go to college, and some shouldn’t. To me, it’s this simple: if a person wants to work after high school, and they have the necessary skills, they go. The NBA isn’t a profession like lawyers, doctors or teachers, where you have to go to professional school to become one!

  2. thanks for that article Chris! I’ll read that over.

    As someone who went to university I loved my time away from parents and that extended period of independence without the need for real maturity (staying up late, going out with friends whenever I wanted, sleeping through classes). I think college/university is a great opportunity, but, it’s just not the right choice for some kids I guess.

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