The Raptors Are Firing On All Cylinders

A big reason for the team’s five game winning streak is the increased emphasis on the defensive end. Gene Keady was brought on board a couple weeks and his defensive schemes have paid huge dividends during Toronto’s recent five game win streak. Over the team’s last nine games they have been letting opponents score an average of 96.3 points while scoring an amazing 103.3 points per game. Why are those important statistics? Because Toronto had been allowing opponents to score an atrocious 108.5 points per game during the teams first 23 games of the season while only scoring 95.3 points per game. During the team’s last nine games they have been able to flip those early season numbers and it seems as though the improved results on the defensive end have lead to increased confidence on the offensive side.

Following the game last night Morris Peterson told Norma Wick that, “I think guys are really starting to buy into the concept of playing defense and we’re playing well together. Guys moving are moving the ball and it’s a beautiful thing.”

Sam Mitchell chimed in on the topic and told reporters following the game that, “I thought our defense kept us around. I thought Mo, Jalen and Joey did as good a job as you can do. It doesn’t look that way when Tracy McGrady has 38 points but they contested every shot.”

While I’m talking about stats, here’s something for those pundits who complain that the Raptors winning streak has come against inferior teams – Houston holds opponents to an average of 91.2 points per game while Toronto managed to score 112 points against one of the top defensive teams in the League.


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