Rafer Alston Quote

The big buzz surrounding the Raptors today is the quote that Rafer Alston dropped in the Houston Chronicle yesterday. According to the Chronicle, Alston’s on record as saying, “I knew in Toronto we didn’t prepare to have what it takes to win the game. We didn’t know what the other team was doing. We didn’t have a clue how we were going to defend. That frustrated me. We were going out there cold to try to win games.”

Why are Raptors fans shocked that Alston would make a bonehead comment to the media? They must forget that this is the guy that was crying after a game and talking about retiring because he was a disgrace to his family or that this is also the same player that almost came to blows with Sam Mitchell last season as well. Alston’s quote is just another example of an immature player shouting off his mouth.

Speaking of Alston, how great does the Mike James for Alston trade look now in hindsight? Wow! Can you imagine the meltdowns that Alston would have had during our first month of the season when things weren’t going well for the team? It was during the month that James was the consummate professional and helped out the younger players, something I doubt Alston would had the mental stability to handle.


2 thoughts on “Rafer Alston Quote

  1. Alston also the guy who came in and help keep a weak and struggling team survive on a ten day contract. Alston also the guy who came to play each and every game despite the egos of Vince carter and jalen rose, both of whom wanted out of there very badly. Personally, I think every player simply just doesn’t play basketball in canada. Some players ask for trades at the draft.

    Alston is exactly where he wants to be.


  2. vince carter wanted out of toronto, jalen rose diidn,t want to be there either and rafer, chris bosh and a few others were the only ones who came to play night after night. I t’ s frustrating to be on a team that your got guy{vince} no longer wants tob the go to guy and your coach mis directs his frustration.Mike James is currently no longer a starter and tru th be told the toronto players don’t miss him not sharing the ball.

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